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Hearing is a fundamental part of how we stay connected to the people we love and the activities we enjoy, and our team wants to give everyone the chance to hear better. If you've noticed that it's gotten harder to hear and understand the world around you, or you’re feeling isolated and worried about keeping in touch with friends or family, please don't wait any longer.

Schedule a hearing test with us and let's work together to find a solution that will help you without breaking your budget.

Our Mission

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We care deeply about everyone who walks through our door, and we're committed to helping every patient hear better. We carry a wide range of hearing aids as well as assistive listening devices, simple amplifiers, and refurbished options that may be more budget-friendly. If you're hesitant to look into treatment options because you are afraid you can't afford it, give us a try. We're here to help.

Together Hearing is an independent practice serving patients throughout the Rockledge area. We assist patients with treatment and prevention of hearing loss, whether you've been wearing hearing aids for years or are just looking toward the future. In addition to helping individuals who come to our office, we also offer our mobile option for those who have difficulty finding a ride to us or their health does not allow them to move with ease.

We go above and beyond to make sure our patients are taken care of — which means that when necessary we'll make house calls, drop off hearing aids after repairs, or mail supplies and batteries to patients. The people we help become like friends and family to us, and we feel blessed that they return to see us year after year.

What to Expect

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We designed our office to be just as comfortable as if you were coming to visit a friend. Our office space is full of comfy chairs, tasty snacks, and books to read while you're waiting for your appointment. You'll feel at ease and welcome the moment you walk in the door—and that's also how we hope your actual visit will make you feel.

After a cup of coffee, we'll go over your health history with you so we can understand your hearing situation and any difficulties you've noticed. Then we'll begin the process of testing your hearing. We offer a complete array of tests that let us get a full picture of your hearing. We'll evaluate and review your results with you and then work with you to develop a plan of action. We believe in educating our patients, and we'll answer all your questions to make sure you understand your hearing loss and what your options are. The final outcome is up to you; we're just here to help. If we do think you're a candidate for hearing aids, we'll give you a free office demo as well.

Some patients come see us to establish a baseline for their hearing, without any hearing loss present; for these patients, we recommend an annual follow-up to retest.

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