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Together Hearing is an independent practice, giving us the freedom to carry hearing aids from all the major manufacturers. We're familiar with many hearing aids on the market, which means we can help find the perfect hearing aid fit for you. There are many different styles and levels of technology out there, and we have no agenda other than helping you with your hearing. Whether you've been wearing hearing aids for years and already know what you like, or you're seeking hearing aids for the first time, or you're just looking for information, we're here for you.

There are many factors to consider when choosing hearing aids. For example, some hearing aids are better suited for mild to moderate hearing loss, while others are a great fit for more severe hearing. Patients who have dexterity or vision challenges may benefit from rechargeable hearing aids that don't require fiddling with batteries. Depending on your comfort level with technology, you can choose something cutting edge or pick a simpler, user-friendly option. Small and stylish models are also available!

Hearing aid technology has become much more sophisticated in the past decade or two. These days, hearing aids do very well even in noisy, crowded spaces. Recently, hearing aid manufacturers have introduced bluetooth connectivity and direct connection to your mobile phone, which lets you stream music, TV audio, or phone calls directly into your hearing aids. These used to be situations that were challenging for people who wear hearing aids — not any more. Together Hearing is here to offer you clear answers to the many myths of hearing aids, and to inform you of the many advancements available to you!

Hearing Aid Manufacturers

We offer hearing aids from the major manufacturers: EarQ, Oticon, ReSound, Starkey, Signia, Widex, Phonak, and many more. Each manufacturer has its own pros and cons. We're also able to help patients with existing hearing aids from other brands, so don't hesitate to give us a call.

You can't go wrong with any hearing aids from the main manufacturers; they all make great products. It's just a matter of what your personal needs are. Lately we've been very pleased with ReSound, which offers a Multi Mic that is compatible with its hearing aids and allows you to better hear speakers around you and at a greater distance. If rechargeability is a focus, Widex and Phonak do a great job with that. Some manufacturers are more focused on bluetooth streaming, while others emphasize small, discreet models.

Choosing the right hearing aid depends on the patient. When we test your hearing, we'll also speak with you about what you want from your hearing aids and what your lifestyle is like, which will let us make the best recommendations possible.

Hearing Aid Models

Hearing aids are available in a number of shapes and sizes, so you have choices based on what you're looking for. People sometimes think that smaller hearing aids are more expensive than larger ones, but the truth is that cost is not affected by the size or shape of your hearing aid. Instead, the big difference comes from the level of technology you choose. It's not what the hearing aid looks like, it's how smart it is and what it can do for you.

Of these, we find that we fit the majority of patients with RIC hearing aids because they're very discreet, with a great sound, and they are adaptable if your hearing loss gets worse over time. We do also offer custom hearing aids for patients who would rather have their hearing aid entirely placed inside the ear itself, although smaller hearing aids sometimes mean less power, and it can be harder to change the battery in a smaller hearing aid. We'll discuss your options with you to find a good balance between what you need, what you want, and what's available. We never force you to choose a hearing aid you don't like — we always do our best to find a solution that will make you happy. Remember this is an investment!

Follow-up Appointments

After we've completed your hearing test and evaluated your hearing loss, and you've decided to go ahead and purchase a pair of hearing aids, we'll order your hearing aids exactly the way you want them. When they arrive, we'll bring you back to the office for fitting and adjustment to make sure the sound is right for you and the hearing aids are as comfortable as possible. If hearing loss is not detected, congrats! We will schedule you for your next routine hearing test.

If you're new to hearing aids and have a lot of questions, we may recommend that you come back in one week so we can check on your hearing aids and help with any problems you've been having. Otherwise, we may wait until the second week to bring you back.

From there, we ask you to come in at the one-month and three-month point, and then we recommend you come in every six months from then on so that we can clean your hearing aids and make sure everything's working the way it should be. We also advise patients to have their hearing re-checked once a year. With Together Hearing, our service and care comes with your hearing aids.

Ongoing Care for Hearing Aids

The more you know about your hearing aids, the better you'll be able to take care of them and the longer they will last you. We teach every new patient how to clean their hearing aids, change the filters and wax guard, and (if necessary) change the batteries, and we send them home with a kit full of everything they need to keep their hearing aids in good working condition.

If you're still not comfortable with the maintenance of your hearing aid, feel free to drop by and we'll go over it again with you. It's important to us that our patients are empowered and confident and know that their hearing is in their hands, but we're also happy to change a filter for you, high-five you, and send you on your way.

Other than cleaning your hearing aids regularly, we also recommend avoiding moisture and humidity, keeping them away from pets, and changing batteries whenever necessary. Smaller hearing aids have smaller batteries that need to be changed more frequently, and more severe hearing loss often will take more out of your batteries as well.

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